Our Race Craft

There is something for everyone, from our custom built river dingy’s or off the shelf tinny’s to our circuit racing Bath Tubs and Formula 8’s. Click on the image to find out more.


Dingy’s are custom built with a flat bottom. Especially designed for the river, they jump logs and rocks, reaching speeds up to 75kph with just a 10hp motor.


Tinny’s are the easiest way to start racing with the PDRC. All you need is a production tinny and any motor up to 15hp, and you are ready to race!


That’s right it’s a bathtub! with a 10hp motor strapped to it! “Tubs” are custom built and race at circuit events.

Formula 8’s

Formula 8’s are all built to the same specification, levelling the playing field leaving it all up to the driver! Drivers as young as 10 can race in the Rookie class.

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