Ian Williamson Enduro

The race that everyone loves to hate. A gruelling hour long circuit race held out the front of our club rooms in Burswood. The Enduro is designed to test teams’ stamina, it’s one thing to race on the limit for 3 laps but do you have what it takes to keep it at that level for 35?

The rules are simple. We race for 1 hour; the greatest number of laps wins.

The Enduro was Introduced to the racing calendar back in the 90’s by lifetime member Peter Street and was initially 2 hours long. It involved multiple prop changes and fuel stops with a maximum fuel load of only 2 litres. Due to fuel spills and environmental risks refuelling is no longer part of the race today. Over the years it has been held at both the Burswood club rooms and the Baldivis Water Ski Park. 

After the Dinghy’s are finished for the day, the Bathtubs and Formula 8’s take on the circuit for a normal 3-5lap race format